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Super Saiyan Goku

When we look at the classic golden Super Saiyan Goku transformation back in dragon ball Z, it brings back a lot of memories. The Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball is one of the most iconic forms in all anime.

Even if you never watch the anime Dragon Ball Z or any movie associated with it, you still can tell what a Super Saiyan is.

This is how influential this anime is and the popularity of Super Saiyan Goku, even if you don’t know what its called.

There have been many stories and information on how the character Goku becomes a Super Saiyan. So what is post will focus on is the actual Super Saiyan form itself. Things like where the idea of Super Saiyan Goku comes from and how the character triggers it.

Super Saiyan Goku Creation

When the creator of Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama did his manga special back in the day with the Goku vs Vegeta saga. Toriyama had to figure out a new way to make his characters stronger.

This was don’t so that the manga was impactful to the reading so they could visually understand and don’t get bored. That’s where the idea of transforming became a thing Dragon Ball.

Super Saiyan Goku
Super Saiyan Goku

Transformation is most anime is what makes it exciting and relatable to fans. It’s like a turning point where the character you basically grow to love evolves into what may be fictional in real life.

When a character transforms in an anime series, it kinda makes it easier for the readers to understand the growth and power of the character visually.

When the creator of DBZ Toriyama worked on his manga for Super Saiyan Goku, there was always a tease about a Super Saiyan.

This was when the Saiyan Nappa mentioned a Super Saiyan back in the anime for the first time. So as time passes by, going into the Frieza Saga, we keep hearing about this Super Saiyan. Everyone especially Frieza, he thought it was legendary meth that a Super Saiyan would rise up with an immense amount of power.

Also, this meth was something that Frieza feared even though it’s big meth to him. Frieza feared that the Saiyans would gain too much power and revolt against him. So that is why he wiped out the entire Saiyan race.


Goku’s Super Kaioken Technique

When Toriyama came up with the idea of Super Saiyan Goku, it seems he did know how the form would look on the character. So prior to Goku becoming a Super Saiyan, we saw him use the Kaioken technique.

The Kaioken would be based on some type of transformation with a red ora. However, his Super Saiyan form would be something totally different.

One of the reasons why we see a Super Saiyan with golden hair is because Toriyama thought it would be easier for his artist to fill in gold where black was.

Super Saiyan Golden Hair

Over in Japan, it is commonly known to the culture that if a person has Bold or golden hair, they are known to be a delinquent. So it seems like Toriyama wanted to express that in the Dragon Ball anime.

If you notice, a Super Saiyan has long pointy golden hair, and their pupil changes to green. this would resemble a blond-haired individual who according to their doctrine.

This creation of a Super Saiyan by Toriyama was to showcase the anger and rage that must be visually present for a character to achieve this power.

How Did Goku Become a Super Saiyan?

Goku became a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball  Z Manga chapter 317, which correlates with Dragon Ball Z episode 95. Goku Trigger the Super Saiyan form not only form his training but also because he saw his best friend Krillin die in front of his eyes. Krillin’s death was enough for Goku to trigger a sense of immense anger and rage that turned Goku into a Super Saiyan.

However, for characters like Goten and Trunk, they didn’t seem you struggle or have a scene of rage and anger as Goku and Vegeta. Nonetheless. this was explained by Toriyama himself that the reason why Trunks and Goten did not desire the need for rage and anger to transform was the cause of S-Cells.

Pure Heart Super Saiyan

It was implied in dragon ball that if a character is to become a Super Saiyan, he or she must have a pure heart. However, that was not the case with Vegeta when he first turns into a Super Saiyan.

With future Super Saiyan like Future Gohan and Future Trunks, the character must go through an intensive amount of rage and training to achieve the form.

However, in the current timeline of Dragon Ball, there are different prerequisites to achieve the Super Saiyan form.

Super Saiyan Goten Dragon Ball Z

When we first saw Goten transform into a Super Saiyan Toriyama sorta change the conditions of achieving the form. Goten was able to activate the Super Saiyan form not only at a very young age but more naturally unlike with anger.

Nonetheless, many fans over the years have debated the reason why Goten and trunks were able to achieve the form so young Goku and Vegeta were already Super Saiyans.

However, in Dragon Ball Super we found out from Cabba from universe 6 is that universe 6 Saiyans don’t have any knowledge of a Super Saiyan.

Universe 6 Saiyan have a different buildup from the universe 7 counterparts. One example is that pure-blood Saiyans from universe 7 have tails and can become a great ape. While universe 6 Saiyans has evolved past the need of having tails.

Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 Saiyans

Universe 6 is seen as more humble and kind as keeper of peace, While universe 7 Saiyans are rage full, violent, and war thirsty. So later on the anime, when Cabba tried to teach Caulifla how to become a Super Saiyan.

Cabba explained about a tingling sensation in his back while focusing the energy from the spinal area to tap into the form. Eventually, Caulifla did it and was ab;e to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation.

However, there was no real anger there nor no real rage required to achieve the form. So it’s very difficult to say whether or not it’s base on rage and anger to become a Super Saiyan.


Well, because they are so many different pathways to achieve it base on how universe 6 Saiyans did it and how Goten and Trunks achieved it.


Personally, I believe that they are more than one way to achieving the Super Saiyan form, not only is it rage, anger, and hard training. However, with the help of S-Cells, one is able to achieve the Super Saiyan form at will.

What causes Super Saiyan Goku to trigger his form in the anime? let me know your thoughts down below.

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